Holistic health & care products clear the skin and cheer up the soul, leaving you feeling happier, healthier and more confident! 


Rosemary Ointment

Ingredients: Rosemary macerate, animal fat, beeswax, rosemary oil.

Use: muscle pain, bone pain, warming up, rheumatic pain, headache

Price: 6.00€ / 30ml

Pine & Spruce Ointment

Ingredients: Needles of pine and spruce, animal fat, beeswax, pine-spruce resin, pine-spruce oil.

Use: for minor wounds and bites, colds, antipyretics, eczema, analgesia, severe burns, open wounds and suppuration.

Price: 6.00 € / 30ml

Chamomile Ointment

Ingredients: chamomile flowers, vegetable oil, beewax.

Use: burns, discolorations, ulcers, acne, hemorrhoids, baby rash, diaper rash

Price: 6.00 € / 30ml

Juniper Ointment

Ingredients: juniper berries and twigs, vegetable oils, beewax

Use: warming, rheumatic pains, pain in the joints and muscles, cellulite reduction.

Price: 6.00 € / 30ml

Broadleaf Plantain Ointment

Ingredients: plantain leaves, vegetable oil, beewax.

Use: bee and wasp stings, spider bites, chambers and other bites, burns from poisonous plants, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and diaper burns, abrasions and scratches.

Price: 6.00 € / 30ml

Philosopher’s Stone Elixir Face Cream

Ingredients: colloidal gold, monoatomic gold Ormus, mango butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid.

Use: strong reduction or withdrawal of signs of aging, improvement of colour, strong hydration, significant improvement of skin condition, eliminates dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles under the eyes.

Price: 20.00 € / 60ml

Cleopatra’s Night Cream & Mask

Ingredients: goat milk, honey, grape seed oil, mango butter, royal jelly, vitamin E.

Use: exfoliates dead skin, narrows pores, gently brightens the skin and has antibacterial, moisturises and regenerates, accelerates wound healing and reduces the risk of scars and acne discoloration, counteracts free radicals and wrinkles, stimulates metabolism and improves skin blood supply.

Price: 12.00 € / 60ml

Lavender Balm

Ingredients: Macerate lavender flowers, mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, lavender essential oil, vitamin E, water, blueberry powder.

Use: relaxing and calming effect, helps falling sleep, moisturizes.

Price: 14.00 € / 120ml

Rose Balm

Ingredients: Macerate rose petals, mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10,  rose dilude oil, rose water.

Use: regenerating, revitalizing, smoothing the skin, for capillary skin, anti-aging, for mature, delicate and dry skin.

Price: 14.00 € / 120ml

Vitamin Balm

Ingredients: Macerate orange flowers, mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, orange blossom water, lemon oil, orange oil, mandarin oil

Use: Strong vitamin application for the skin gives it a moisturizing and nourishing effect as well as a radiant look, tones, cleans, restores color, reduces gray shadows and spots on the skin and face, has an antiseptic effect, rejuvenates, gives the skin a radiant and healthy appearance, improves skin elasticity.

Price: 14.00 € / 120ml

Strawberry Balm

Ingredients: Grape seed oil, mango butter, coconut oil, cocao butter, strawberry seeds oil, strawberry oil, strawberry extract, dry organic whole strawberry, Vitamin E, water.

Use: astringent, anti-acne, antioxidant, smoothens, firms, tones the skin, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Price: 14.00 € / 120ml

Queen Elizabeth’s Larendorg

Ingredients: rosemary leaves, lavender flowers, mint, marjoram, lemon, spirit.
Use: With regular use, only after a few days you can see a significant increase in skin tension, reduction of wrinkles, smoothing and brightening. It can also be used in small amounts internally. It will help with infections, indigestion, fatigue, poor concentration, lack of energy, colds, epilepsy, neurosis, dizziness, lethargy, convulsions.

  • External application – Rub into skin and/or hair, or pat twice a day into washed skin of the face and neck.
  • Internal application – One spoon daily.

Price: 20.00 € / 150ml

Angelic Oil

Ingredients: myrtle, orange peel, rose petals, olive oil.

Use: for respiratory system, skin changes, rheumatic pains, stress.

Added to baths relaxes, stimulates and increases libido.

Also used in love rituals for anointing candles.

Price: 15.00 € / 150ml

Countess Elizabeth Bathory Serum

Ingredients: St. John’s wort oil, poppy seed oil, vanilla, jasmine, dragon’s blood, castor oil, jasmine oil.

Use: Delays the signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates, helps in healing wounds and brightening scars, helps in the fight against acne, atopic skin and eczema, protects against UV, anti-allergic.

Price: 12.00 € / 25ml

Natural Antiperspirant

Ingredients: coconut oil, grape oil, diatomaceous earth, soda, vitamin E, mint oil, eucalyptus oil.

Directions: apply underarms 1-2 times a day.

Price: 6.00 € / 30ml

Teeth Cleaning Mixture

Ingredients: cloves, sea salt, soda, anise, cinnamon.

Directions: apply a small amount to a wet toothbrush and brush your teeth.

Price: 6.00 € / 30ml

Please remember that…

All my products are hand-made from natural uniquely selected ingredients and all used plants come from own cultivation. To be able to use them as long as it is possible without loosing its quality, keep the products away from the sunlight, in the room temperature or in a cool place.

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